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  • The Impact Of The COVID Slide On Student Achievement

    American Heritage School discusses school shutdowns and the effect on academic achievement due to the coronavirus and the COVID slide.
  • Math Competitions and Mock Trials Give a Competitive Edge in College Admissions

    The competition to get into college is tough. One thing that can differentiate students is their involvement in math competitions and mock trials. We look at two programs at American Heritage School and how they can help students shine.
  • Getting into a Good College: Community Involvement

    Community involvement is more than just a way to fill free time. It is an essential part of building a college portfolio and developing personal skills.
  • The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in College Admittance

    The best schools are more competitive than ever, making it harder to get in. Besides test scores and grades, what else goes into scoring college acceptance letters? We discuss why extracurricular activities matter.